Crankshaft Bearings - LH001000 ET ENGINETEAM - 163030, 2995574, 37130600

Title: Crankshaft Bearings
Car: Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily 3,0 F1CE0481 2004+
EAN: 8592779002856
Weight: 0,65 kg


Standard Size [STD]: yes
Quantity Unit: Kit
Stock: 9 pcs

Crankshaft main bearings for its precise placing into the engine – standard size (complete set). To be placed into the 3.0 liter engines of these types: F1CE0481 (30DT), F1CE0481A, F1CE0481FA, F1CE0481HA, F1CE0481HC, F1CE0481L, F1CE0481D (FG30DT) in Iveco Massif / Daily, Multicar Fumo, Fiat Ducato cars made mainly since 2004. OE: MB5444AM, 2995574, 500054637, 843070, 843070MEC.

TIP: We also offer oversized version with bigger dimensions: Main bearings LH001025 (+0,25 mm) and main bearings LH001050 (+ 0,5 mm).

The Czech company ET EngineTeam has been focused on the aftermarket of engine parts since 2007. It is now part of the European TecDoc catalog. ET EngineTeam products quality is comparable to OE parts from primary manufacturers.

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